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Membership Benefits

Community Courses & Training

We offer courses in 3D Printing, CNC Routing, Computer-aided Design, Welding, Machining & Fabrication, Metalsmithing, Forgemaking, Soft Robotics, and Arduino. For a complete list of courses offered visit Courses Page.

Community Events

We encourage innovation and knowledge sharing in our space and host open house and community building events to connect people across fields and disciplines. For a complete list of upcoming events offered visit the Calendar.

Tool Access and Training

We provide access to high-end tools and training on how to properly and safely use them. Many tools we have are ones that individuals couldn’t afford to buy on their own. For competent users. For a complete list of tools offered visit the Tools Page.

Membership Rates As of June 2016

The Digital Fabrication Office

Access to the office allows access to the 3D Printers, a 30W Laser Cutter,  CNC router, CAD stations, and desk space.

The Metal Shop

Access to the shop allows access to the Bridgeport mill, a lathe, TIG and MIG welders, box brake, drill press, horizontal and vertical band saw, chop saw, table saw, and specialty hand tools.

Membership Rates Monthly Subscription Cost Type of Access Access Times Other Benefits
 Sustaining Member  $85  Metal Shop and Digital Fabrication Office  10AM to 9PM 7 days a week
 Patron Member  $120  Metal Shop and Digital Fabrication Office  10AM to 9PM 7 days a week  20% off of courses
 Starving Artist Member  $45  Digital Fabrication Office  10AM to 9PM Two days of your choice
 Ironman  $60  Metal Shop  10AM to 9PM Two days of your choice

Makerspace Wiki

The wiki contains information about our tool certification protocols, member guidebook, member rulebook, etc. visit

Tool Time Scheduler

Create an account with the following link to become a member and book tool use.

Training Courses

Certain tools requires people take training and safety classes in order to properly and safely use them. Costs and content of the training sessions vary and are outlined in the Courses page.

Our Membership agreement is available here.