Build a 3D Printer


Join the Industrial Revolution!

Be a part of open-source culture and build your own 3D-printer. Take advantage of local expertise on 3D printing. Shift from buying to making.

Course Description:

This is a four Saturday , 24-hour course on how to build, calibrate and print with your 3D printer. You will build your 3D printer from the ground up from a kit we provide you. You will be familiarized with the mechanics, electronics, and software behind your 3D printer. By the end of the course you will be ready to print from design. Additionally you will be learn to troubleshoot any printing failures you may have and create a workflow.

Why 3D print?

Create – Manifest your artistic ideas.

Model – Create prototypes quickly and easily.

Invent tools, toys, fashion, sculpture, games, etc

Repair  – rare or discontinued parts are made cheaply

Reuse – recycle plastic to use in your 3D printer.


Kevin Takalo and Jesse Jenkins building the MOST Delta together

Which 3D printer are we building?

We are building the MOST Delta. MOST stands for the Michigan Open Sustainability Technology Lab. The MOST team developed a 3D printer that is easy to assemble from easy-to-find parts.  The 3D printer is in the delta configuration which uses a lightweight moving head called the effector. The effector houses the hotend of the extruder. The MOST Delta design is based on the Rostock Delta which has been developed by the RepRap community and is truly open source.

Our first MOST Delta built in preparation for the workshop.

Our first MOST Delta built in preparation for the workshop.

MOST Delta 3D Printer Highlights:

  • Easy to build
    • Magnetic tie rods and effector, snap-on carriages, quick disconnect fittings
  • Consistently high print quality
  • Precision rods, bearings and zero-lash ball joints
  • Low maintenance and reliable
  • Light-weight and transportable
  • Wiki-based instructions with lots of illustrations
  • Rapidly growing user base and support network
  • Robust open-source design and programming
  • Read more about: MOST delta on the wiki

Class Syllabus (August)

Registration fees

$1300 for tuition and a 3D Printer kit.

You are welcome to share the workshop with two friends at no additional cost.

Cost breakdown

  • Materials: $400
  • Materials preparation: $300
  • Instruction : $600 (approximately 24 Hours)
  • Total $1300


You can register by submiting a downpayment of $300.00 USD to Hedron through Paypal or Dwolla.

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