Build a 3D Printer


Build your own replicating manufacturing machine in the form of a 3D printer. The printer constructed in this workshop derives from the RepRap Project and is made with easy to source materials. The design is based on the open-source MOST Delta.


Get hands-on experience in the methods of construction and use of your 3D printer. This Portland-based workshop is good for those who want gain fluency with 3D printers from a usage and assembly perspective.  You will have a basis of the skills required to maintain or upgrade your machine. These include: mechanical assembly and breakdown, ensuring machine squareness, checking dimensionality, setting belt tension, wiring, setting motor power, firmware calibration, model setup, choosing print parameters, toolpath generation, build-plate preparation, print initialization, print removal.

By the conclusion of the workshop you will be able to produce functional and aesthetic printed objects on your robust, home-made printer.

3D printers are indispensable for educators, inventors, designers, artists, and for people who want to more deeply engage with the technological trend toward digital fabrication and make things.

Software Stack

  • Cura
  • Meshmixer
  • Pronterface, Repetier host
  • Octoprint
  • Arduino
  • Marlin Firmware

Printer Specifications

The printer built is a modified form of the MOST Delta 3D printer. It was originally developed by Michigan Open Sustainability Technology program an initiative of Michigan Technological University.

  • 230 mm circular build area x 210 mm height = cylindrical build envelope
  • Easy to assemble, maintain/calibrate and repair
  • Magnetic tie rods and effector make for easy maintenance
  • Consistently high print quality (100 micron layers, 7 micron accuracy)
  • GT2 timing belts and precision aluminum pulleys
  • Precision tie rods, linear bearings and zero-lash ball joints
  • Low maintenance and reliable
  • Light-weight and transportable
  • Wiki-based instruction with lots of illustrations
  • Rapidly growing user base and support network
  • RAMPS 1.4 Electronics w/ optional LCD screen+SD card add-on (optional $50 extra)
  • Robust open-source design, software and programming
  • Raspberry Pi running Octoprint so you can manage your printer through a web browser or through the internet and not tie-up your personal computer (optional $300 extra)


The choice of technology presented in this workshop is motivated by the values of the free software and free hardware movements. Printer hardware design files and source code are all available under free software licenses. A world with more liberty is a world where technology is accessible and modifiable to the needs of end users. We strive to circulate knowledge and build community that makes material abundance possible.


The workshop is hosted at the Hedron Makerspace. We provide workspace, tools and a lively environment to work. We are located in the SE Brooklyn industrial district.

Workshop Cost / Registration


The procedure for building a 3D printer is well structured and generally takes around 24 hours. Since people have different capabilities you can set your own pace.

Workshop graduates are welcome to drop in to re-calibrate and repair their printers or help current builders.

You are welcome to share the workshop with two friends at no additional cost.


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