#CrowdCow – A crowd-sourced 3D-printing project

This is a crowd-sourced 3D printing project led by Shashi Jain of the Portland 3D Printing Lab to build a life-sized cow. The design, sponsored by one of Portland’s best fine dining restaurants Urban Farmer, was a meat cow created by Rose Moore.

I took part in this project by donating 3D printing time to make 7 sections of the cow. Each section is approximately that size of a small toaster. In total the #crowdcow has ~100 pieces woven together with numerous 3D-printed liners affectionately called “biscuits”. The print time for all the pieces is approximately 668 hours. What will be the next group crowd-sourced project for the Portland 3D Printing Lab? Submit your ideas in the comments section below!

The press documented this project:

TJ McCue from Forbes 

Stephanie Yao Long from The Oregonian

Scott J Hrunewalk from 3Dprint.com

Timelapse video by Stephanie Long


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