Repairing and Maintaining Your 3D Printer

Workshop Description

During this course students will repair and calibrate their FFF (fused filament fabrication) 3D printer. The workshop develops familiarity and provides technical knowledge of 3D Printer Programming

Advanced Topics:

Using command line to send GCODE, setting calibration parameters via EEPROM and Marlin Firmware configuration, Analyzing 3D-printed Calibration objects, Introduction to Octoprint, Octopi and Raspberry Pi image creation, and printer network configuration. 

Printing Technique

Students will review how to calibrate a printer and setup a successful print. Parameters to be adjusted include delta radius, individual delta diagonal rod (scaling), and individual delta radius

Printer Model

Our derivative model of the Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology Lab, ‘MOST’, Delta Printer is best suited for this workshop though any 3D printer can be brought and calibrated. Delta or cartesian is no matter.

All plans and part lists are available at MOST Delta Github under the GNU General Public License.



Jesse Jenkins –
Studied Inorganic Chemistry at Berkeley and now develops CNC platforms & workflows.

Workshop Cost

240 USD

Workshop Duration

6 hours

Workshop Registration or Inquiries

Please contact us


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