3D modeling in Rhino and Fusion360!

We will have the industrial designer Dallas Swindle and Hedron Makerspace’s Jesse Jenkins introduce us to Computer Aided Design (CAD) software of the Rhino and Fusion360 variety.

Please come to get a taste of what you can make with these powerful technologies. We are thankful to have these two talented people show us what is possible and share their skill.

Sliding scale fee, suggested donation of $20.

Extensible surfacing CAD software with a rich ecosystem of Rhinoscript programmed plugins that let you automate your workflow. It was developed by Robert McNeel & Associates.

Cloud-based all-in-one CAD/CAM software developed by Autodesk with a large and active community of students, hobbyists, and professionals.

Dallas Swindle  –  dasivdesign.com
Industrial Designer, CAD Specialist, Educator
Dallas is an adept industrial designer who has designed for festivals, exhibitions, and businesses using Rhino.

Jesse Jenkins
Hedron Makerspace, Fabricator, 3D Printing Expert
Jesse has designed and fabricated a variety of projects for using Fusion360.

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