2018 Joint Venture Program

We make prototypes.

Specifically, we apply knowledge and tools to raw materials and components in order to turn our client's concepts and drawings into physical objects.  Most of the time this is work for hire;  they hand us money, and we hand off the completed widget and that's where the story ends. 

Depending on the complexity, this can be a prohibitively expensive process.

Occasionally, we are invited to participate in the profit potential of the project in exchange for a reduction or elimination of our shop fees. We look for projects that are particularly well aligned with our company mission and ethos, and particularly lucrative.

We are looking for the next great idea to throw our full support behind. 

If you have a concept that demonstrates tremendous potential to change the way things are done, then we’d like to offer you an opportunity to engage with us in a joint venture.

If you'd like to have your concept considered for adoption into our Joint Venture Program, please apply.